Automatic and Customized Laser Welding Solutions

Automatic & Customized Laser Welding Systems & Solutions

With the advancement of digital technology, the popularization and low price of factory automation equipment, the welding operation has also changed from traditional manual welding to semi-automatic welding and automatic welding. At the same time, the welding process with the help of robots is also popularized in various fields mainly in the automobile industry, and it has become a necessary means to rationalize the welding process.

Automated welding has the following advantages:

  • Offset the gap in the shortage of skilled welding personnel
  • Uniform welding quality
  • Achieve high efficiency and stable quality in welding operations
  • Traceability for quality assurance by storing welding operation parameters

Nearly Robotic Level Automatic Laser Welding!

Provide more choices to users who need automatic welding.

Ideal performance in small seize parts mass welding.

OMS-Welding Cell series autoamtic laser welding machine integrates fiber laser source, water cooling system, double-wobbling laser welding head, high precision movement control system and real-time visual observation sytsem to provide a user-friendly, effective and stable operation automatic laser welding machine.


OMS-Automate Series

Customized and Robotic Laser Welding Solutions

Designning of independent single laser welding unit to combine with any brands of robots

Conception and installation of turnkey robotic laser welding system 

Different Laser Welding Head for different conditions
Global Services Laser Source
Powerful and Environmentally Friendly
Industrial Water Chiller
High Precision Movement Control System

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