OMS-Welding Series Air-Cooled
Laser Welder

Smaller Size and Weight

  • Weight: 50KG
  • Overall Dimension: 670*335*590mm 
  • Easy to move and carry to wherever

Compact 4 in 1 Laser Gun

  • 0.7KG laser gun facilates the operation 
  • Welding, cutting, remote cleaning and seam cleaning

Easy and Safe Operation

  • Self-developed 2 external knobs adjusting the power and laser beam diameter. The operator can modify the most commonly used functions without entering the system.
  • Independent safety clamp connection and 24V power supply.
  • Main power switch and emergency stop ensure the safety of operator.
  • Specific laser source communication plug to check the working situation in case of breakdown in order to keep the continuous operation of machine.
  • Specific funcitons extension hole to connect with external devices.

Maxphotonics Air Cooled Laser Source

  • Best brand of air cooled fiber laser source.
  • Stable operation and highly effective air cooling function.

Laser Gun

  • Smaller size and weight.
  • 4 functions: welding, cutting, remote cleaning and seam cleaning.
  • Protection lens with drawer design can be changed very easily.
  • Touchable screen control and set-up of all parameters
  • Opration control system designed, evaluated and tested to deliver one thing-machine interaction simple enough
  • Laser Enable function controls laser emission, providing higly safe operation to welders
  • Intelligent monitoring function observes in real-time the situation of machine operation and remind operators with alarms in case of any faults

Strightforward Digitalized Intelligent Operation Control System

  • Touchable screen operation
  • 9 types of languages are available to choose and more are possible to be  customized
  • 2 types of wire feeding modes: continuous and pulsed
  •  Wire feeding speed range: 15~600 cm/min
  • Wire diameter range: 0.6~2.0 mm
  • Max. wire weight: 25 kg

Digital Touchable Control
Automatic Wire Feeder

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