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Connect Laser With Materials. Make manufacturing and metalworking more efficient and easier.

Optical Metal Solutions® is expert of Laser Application Machine in manufacturing and metalworking. Focus on advanced optics energy application, we aim to make manufacturing and metalworking more efficient and easier. In 2014, we was established in Jinan, China. Since then, we played a major role in the development and manufacturing of high-quality laser application machines and machine-tools of various types. Relying on 10 years experience and as one of the first manufacturers of laser welding & cleaning machine since 2014, we extend our laser welding & cleaning product line from handheld type to semi-automatic, fully automatic and customized design types. We serve many industrial customers from different sectors: metalworking, manufacturing, automotive, rail transit, furniture, machinery, medical equipment, sanitary, kitchenware, household appliance, lithium battery, elevator, etc…

Looking back 10 years ago, we started the research and development of manual laser welder & cleaner as one of the first Chinese players in this industry, we looked around but could not find a companion. Along with the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, we spared no effort to improve and promote laser welding & cleaning technology, we constantly mature in technology and understand clearly what our customers demand. We will continue to be committed to providing more and more products with stable and promised quality to adapt to new industrial needs.

We open arms to embrace new industry challenges.

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Products & Solutions We Provide

Handheld Laser Welder

Laser Welding Cell

Laser Welding Automate

Handheld Laser Cleaner

Quality Control Policy

We insiste strictly on the following principles to ensure our high and stable quality.

Solutions for Industrial Welding & Cleaning

We provide standard and customized laser welding & cleaning solutions.

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Make Manufacturing And Metalworking More Efficient And Easier.