Optical Metal Solutions

Make manufacturing and metalworking more efficient and easier.

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Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Connect Laser With Materials. Make manufacturing and metalworking more efficient and easier.

Optical Metal Solutions® is expert of Laser Application Machine in manufacturing and metalworking. Focus on advanced optics energy application, we aim to make manufacturing and metalworking more efficient and easier.

Laser Welding

Higher Speed
Better Seam Quality
No Post-Treatment
Minimal Deformation

Laser Cleaning

Non-Contact Cleaning
No Consummables
Precise Cleaning
Easy To Operate

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In Industrial Business

Creditable Integrity

Effective Team Work

Expert Advice

Quality Assurance

Market and user’s demands are source of development and base of existing, continuously satisfy customer’s inquiry can keep us stay competitive.

The quality of products and services is the key to survive in fierce competition and to win the trust of customers, we must ensure providing high quality & stable quality at an honest price to the market

We keep upgrading our machines to satisfy users and investing in R&D to try our best to lead the market.

The development of one company is never the unique thing of one part, we should achieve a win-win cooperation for all three parts.

Since 2014, our team has succeed in understanding the needs of industry and creating reliable products to serve them all.

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Optical Metal Solutions

Make Manufacturing And Metalworking

More Efficient And Easier.